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Years of Struggle — Better Strategy With Quality Business

PBS has been established to serve and fulfil the bulk requirements of the Petroleum, Lubricant, Oil, Food and Wine industries, including bulk liquid transportation. We provide reliable and affordable premium quality products combined with best-in-class services

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100% customer satisfaction ensured

At PBS, we always want to offer the best solutions for bulk requirements to our customers. We provide high-quality products that are designed to do their chosen task to perfection, and we offer custom solutions and services to meet every transportation need.
By creating a level of mutual trust, we always work to establish long term partnerships, and it is our dream that your business grows and excels with our assistance. We're always adopting new technologies, constantly monitoring processes to discover ways to improve how we work. We always welcome feedback on all our interactions and hope to create a better business by listening to customer concerns and suggestions.
We ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied by establishing your needs first and providing solutions that meet your requirements. Our customer service is second to none, and we believe that businesses are stronger when we work together.

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission

To take charge of the needs of our clients and manufacturing firms, who we consider to be our corporate associates.

We envision to offer world-class quality, service and goods by helping businesses achieve sustainable and quality growth. We believe in:

  • Highly productive work environment
  • Market satisfaction with top-notch services
  • A timeless and endured mutual brand
  • Building a sustainable community
  • Maximized ROI to stakeholders and business partners.
  • To move forward at the pace of globalisation
  • 100% customer satisfaction ensured

To make a real difference in our goods and services, ensuring the loyalty and trust of our clients and production partners at the forefront. We aim to move forward with our new business models with transparent, seamless and law-abiding working principles. With a “win-win” approach in mind, we believe to serve humankind by protecting customers’ benefit through high-quality, profitable services.

Our Services

Bulk Liquid Transportation in the UAE with Flexitank

Flexitank is a flexible bulk liquid transportation system that can transport almost any type of bulk liquid from one place to another. Our flexitanks are built with high-quality materials and have an increased capacity when compared to traditional storage tanks. Using flexitanks means fewer trips for your business, which in turn saves money on fuel costs. We provide bulk liquid transportation flexitank solutions all across the UAE for industries including oil, wine, and lubricants. Safely transporting bulk liquids is our priority with flexitank, and we offer flexitanks in a range of sizes to suit the needs of every business.

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