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We are your one-stop solution for all types of Flexitanks

Flexitanks from PBS International FZE are made of 100% virgin material. They are the best alternatives to conventional ways of transporting bulk liquid over long distances and are designed for use in a 20ft ISO container. PBS is the first to supply strengthened one-piece tubular PP covers, which reduces the risk of length-wise rupture of the flexitank. Our flexitanks are made from films fully compliant with the US FDA regulations, notably 21CFR177.1520 and EU directive 90/128EEC and its various updates. Flexitanks size ranges from 14cbm up to 24 cbm to maximize the capacity of a heavyweight 20ft container depending on the SG of the product required to be carried.

Our manufacturer is the only one in China to get the FSSC 22000, which requires the industry’s most stringent standards. FSSC 22000, including ISO 22000:2005, PAS 223:2011 and FSSC 22000 additional demand. Flexitanks can be used to ship a whole variety of non-hazardous liquids, including farm oils, wine, mineral water, fruit juice, petroleum, biofuel, lubricants, and non-hazardous industrial chemicals. We serve customer requests by checking if our packaging suits their requirements.


14000-24000 liters

Applicable Temperature:

Between 75 °C and -20 °C


A flexitank is a polyethylene container designed to fit within a standard ISO container and used for bulk liquid transportation. Manufactured to the highest standards from 4-layer food-grade polyethylene, flexitanks can withstand high pressure and temperature ranges as well as a number of chemical substances without any corrosion or degradation to the material.

The main structure is built from high-strength ultra-abrasion resistant polypropylene woven cloth, creating a secure storage area for non-hazardous liquids including water, biofuel, petroleum, fruit juice, farm oils, and much more.
The flexitank cover is designed to reduce the risk of length-wise ruptures, with a food-grade butterfly valve incorporated within a containment area that prevents seepage or small spillages.

In addition, our flexitanks have been fully tested and passed quality control checks. This means that our reputation is enhanced by the quality of our flexitanks, and you can be certain that they will meet and exceed your expectations for safe and simple liquid transportation.

Our flexitanks are easy to install and use, and they bring multiple advantages to your business. Designed to be used within a standard 20ft ISO container, our flexitanks adhere to the most stringent standards within the industry.

The flexitanks we provide are manufactured in compliance with FSSC 22000, an ISO-based internationally accepted food safety certification scheme. This means that you can be certain that your bulk liquid transportation task will be completed safely.
Flexitanks can be used for storing liquids in confined spaces such as factories or warehouses in the UAE, allowing simple preparation for national or international distribution.

Once ready, the process of transporting bulk liquid from one place to another is simplified as it is just a matter of loading the 20ft ISO container onto the appropriate vehicle. There are no other special requirements, and the flexitank will prevent any spills during transportation. Without flexitank, this can be an issue, as any spills liquid may reach sensitive areas of the transportation vehicle or potentially cause environmental issues with waterways or spillages in residential areas.

A forklift is not required for loading/unloading with flexitanks, and time is saved in comparison to loading or unloading drums, etc. Plus, there is no demurrage when using Flexitank, further saving the costs you may face with bulk liquid transportation.
Safety and usability are ensured by including an exhaust valve that allows any internal gas to be vented, and heating pads help speed up the discharge of crystallised liquids. Each part of the flexitank has been designed with the end-user in mind, as we wish to provide the maximum benefit level to every business.

When using flexitank solutions, there is no possibility of cross-contamination, and flexitanks are not susceptible to corrosion. Choosing a flexitank is the right option for bulk liquid transportation in the UAE.

Flexitanks are 100% environment-friendly and do not leak liquids. While many liquids can be considered non-hazardous, spillages can cause many issues for the local community and environment – the best way to solve this is to prevent spills in the first instance.

Flexitanks have no moving parts that could wear down or break with time, ensuring safety and integrity are maintained throughout the lifetime of the tank. It is of paramount importance that liquids are safely transported over both short and long distances, and our commitment to protecting the environment extends to the international use of our flexitanks.

Flexitanks have proved to be a problem-solving solution for some of the most challenging issues faced by bulk liquid transportation companies, and keeping environmental impact to a minimum is one such issue that flexitanks solve. Manufactured from polyethylene, the material itself has a minimal environmental impact. It is safe to handle and only causes issues if discarded without thought – however, polyethylene can be recycled, which means there is no need for disposal in any other manner.

  •        Reduced packaging, storage, and transportation cost
  •        Exclusively customized flexitank transport facility
  •       Transports more quantity of liquid in each container
  •       Available in remote areas
  •       Clean and environmental friendly
  •       No risk of contamination
  •       Saves time & money on loading and unloading
  •       Quick loading compared to drums and IBCs
  •       Low labour for handling, filling, and loading
  •       No need for a forklift to load or unload container
  •       No demurrage on Flexitank
  •       No return loads needed
  •       Eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination
  •       Anti-corrosion flexitanks at your disposal in no time

The Stainless Steel Flange design is mechanically fitted to the Flexitank and guarantees replication of fitting compared to welded systems. The specially designed bonnet provides a clean and secure containment area around the valve and prevents incidents of seepage or small spillages that might result from filing or discharge. 

  •       4 layer food-grade polyethylene, each layer is 0.125mm thick and translucent
  •       high-strength ultra-abrasion resistant polypropylene woven cloth
  •       2 inches or 3 inches food-grade butterfly valve
  •       polypropylene flange

Four layers of food-grade polyethylene and one layer of tubular woven polypropylene cloth make up a standard flexitank. This design minimizes the risk of rupture or spilling of the bulk liquid. The polyethylene, polypropylene, and steel materials used are environment friendly and entirely recyclable. 

  •       Polyethylene film avoids leakage of goods and prevents pollution 
  •       Heating pads allow rapid discharge of crystallised liquid like honey, syrup, palm oil etc.
  •       Exhaust valve acts as a vent for internal gas
  •       Fabric weight: 220gsm
  •       Total weight: 790gsm
  •       Tensile strength, weft: 30.5MPa
  •       Tensile strength, warp: 34.8Mpa
  •       Tear strength, weft: 1469N/cm
  •       Tear strength, warp: 1395N/cm
  •       Low-temperature flexibility: -10°C
  •       High-temperature flexibility: 60°C
  •       Melt point index: 0.8
  •       Elongation MD (ASTM D882): 645%
  •       Elongation TD (ASTM D882): 710%
  • Cross Pumping

Our efficient and well-trained response team provides on-call emergency cross pumping services upon request. Our support staff provides all sorts of necessary equipment catering to the process of cross pumping. The Flexitank solutions of PBS prevents unwanted leakage or spillage of products. We assure our clients with the fastest emergency services and incident survey. You can rely on us for:

  • High-quality Flexitanks
  • New loading hose and couplings
  • Suitable pump for cross pumping
  • Disposal of empty flexitank
  • Fully-equipped trucking facility